Rescreen Your Torn or Faded Screens

Let me know ahead of time, and I can rescreen your torn or faded screens when at your home for your window cleaning appointment. I do not offer frame repair, new frames, or "drop off" service. I do, however, have a great reference if you need to have new frames made for your window screens.


First Step in Window Rescreening

The first step of our window rescreening process involves removing the old screen material and blocking off the screen frame. Blocking off the screen frame ensures that the frame does not "hour glass." Hour glassing is when the frame of the screen bends or bows in the middle when the screen material is inserted and tightened, taking the shape of an hour glass.

Second Step - Installing New Screen Material

Once the screen frame is properly blocked off, I install the new screen material using a black fiberglass mesh that will make your screens look fresh and new again. Missing or broken screen pull tabs are also replaced during this stage of the process.


Final Step

The final step is to cut off the excess material and to replace the screen back onto the window or door.