Who Is A Better View Window Cleaning?

A Better View Window Cleaning is a family owned and operated business that has been operating since 1995.


What made you start a window cleaning company?

I (Corey Goforth) am often asked by friends and customers how I got started in the window cleaning business. Well let me tell you the story. It was the summer before my senior year in high school (yes, high school). My good friend Steve and I wanted to do something to make some extra money during the summer (aside from our part time jobs). Together we somehow stumbled upon the idea of a window washing company. We started off by doing a bit of research, buying some supplies, and practicing on our parents’ houses. After refining our technique we started advertising and soon began booking appointments. By the end of that summer we had cleaned a fair amount of homes.

He carried on with his window cleaning company and I formed a new window washing company, and thus A Better View Window Cleaning was born.

I continued to run the window cleaning company part time while attending a local community college. After I completed the community college I transferred to Vanguard University of Southern California to study business. Studying business gave me what I needed to launch full time into A Better View Window Cleaning upon graduating. Since its start, A Better View has added numerous services to its core business of being a window cleaning company. Over the years the company has added pressure washing (for roofs, house washing, power washing driveways, patios and more), screen repair, rain gutter cleaning, and Christmas light installation.