Residential Window Cleaning Is My Specialty!

I, Corey Goforth, owner of A Better View have cleaned thousands of residential windows since I started my business in 1995. I have refined my cleaning process over the years to provide outstanding results.
One thing that sets me apart from the competition is the way that I care for my customers' home.


A few examples of how I care for your home

  • Booties (shoe covers) are always worn while in your home.
  • Protective soft ladder pads for the tops of my ladders are used to protect both the inside and outside of your home.
  • Drop cloths are used on furnishings that are beneath any windows.
  • Water buckets are never brought into your home.

Below is a description of how your windows will be cleaned

When I arrive at your home, I start by removing all of the screens from the windows. I then take them outside to perform a deep clean of the screens that removes all dirt and grime from the screen material and screen frame. After the screens are cleaned I typically start with cleaning the outside windows. The exterior windows are cleaned with the use of purified water technology and telescopic carbon fiber water fed pole. The water purification process utilizes a four stage process in order to get the purest water possible. This method of window cleaning is not only safe, but it also will make your windows sparkle. After the exterior windows are cleaned I begin the process of cleaning the interior windows. Once all of the windows are cleaned I install the screens, clean all of the window tracks* and sills. I then do a final walk around to make sure that the job is complete and everything is put back into place.

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*window tracks are not included on metal or casement windows.

Additional services we offer to our residential customers:

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